BALVIN couture

Collection of BALVIN pieces with an emphasis on couture quality. Pieces are sewn using couture techniques and with the highest material quality. These pieces are made to order only

Frankie Black  BALVIN Staples
26 620 Kč
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Frankie Peach  BALVIN Staples
26 620 Kč
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Charlotte Nude  Chiffon Collection 395/38
Charlotte Yellow  Chiffon Collection 314/38
Sofia Red  Chiffon Collection
28 900 Kč
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Sonia Apple Green  Chiffon Collection 368/38
Sonia Magenta  Chiffon Collection 332/38
Charlotte Black  BALVIN Staples 161/38
Charlotte Coral  BALVIN Staples 152/38
Lofia Lilac  Chiffon Collection 408/38
Lofia Yellow  Chiffon Collection 350/38
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